Review on Five Exhibitions of SANTINT at Beginning of the Year

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At the beginning of 2018. Santint displayed its strength and charming with powerful independent R&D ability as backup force and five international exhibitions as platform.

On February 27 to March 2, Santint and its local agents participated in Russia 2018 INTERLAKO KRASKA Exhibition together.

It was very hot on the exhibition site. A1, S5 and other models we displayed attracted many customers. Within a few days, the visitors were over one hundred, including some industry tycoons and dozens of new customers.





On Paint Istanbul & Turkcoat 2018, different products aiming at different customer groups were displayed on simple and gorgeous booth of Santint, which acquired the recognition and appreciation of old customers and new potential customers.





On Paint India 2018, AH1000, AO200, A+ and AC100 were displayed on the booth of Santint in the center area. It was very bustling on the booth. New and old customers visited us successively. The potential customers with negative attitude before tended to be interested in us. Our 100% recirculation technology has been praised by most customers.





On MECS-Dubai 2018, Santint was the exhibitor with the most products displayed and the largest booth in the similar product circle, which attracted many potential customers in Middle East region.





On AMR 2018 from April 1 to April 4, Santint displayed industrial dispenser, shakers, AC100 and other models, which attracted the attention of many customers. Especially AC 100, became the focus of the exhibition with its high-automation and advanced performance.




Reviewing five exhibitions, Santint revealed its strength and charming as the global industry leader of dispensing machines with enterprise spirit of being practical, focusing on the customers’ painpoints and innovation.

Let's look forward to the exhibitions in the second half of 2018!


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