The 2017 Service Training of SANTINT was Held Successfully

Date:2017年3月7日 16:02

The 2017 Service Training of SANTINT was held right after the Chinese New Year Holiday. More than 20 after-service engineers from 19 service stations all over China attended this annual meeting.

The engineers learned the requirements, standards and management rules of after-service work with emphasis on 5S Service Concept (Speed, Sincere,Specialty, Standard and Sanitary). Also they were trained to deal with major accidents and emergence visit.

Then the after-service engineers studied new machines like the GH Series Efficient Mixer and A1 Automatic Dispenser as well as our bestsellerslike AH-100 Automatic Dispenser, A4-100% Automatic Dispenser and S5 Automatic Vibrational Shaker from the working principle to the machine structure. Service competition and brainstorm were also held to improve the after-service.

The training lasting for 12 days strengthened the after-service engineers' skill and inspired their passion so that they can satisfiedour global customers with improved skills and standards!

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