SANTINT Demonstrated What is Chinese High-tech Enterprise Through 5 International Exhibitions

Date:2016年4月23日 10:23

Five international exhibitions (India, Russia, Dubai, France & Turkey) in the first quarter of 2016 have been attended. With its presence SANTINT attracted many clients and showed the high level of Chinese high-tech enterprise.


SANTINT keeps up a high pace of development in the current and rapidly international markets, claiming a leading role place amongst its fellow players. More and more clients are placing their trust in our capabilities to provide answers to Tinting Solutions. Relay on high quality product and perfect service, the SANTINT brand is recognized by the players in the marketplace.


During the five international exhibitions, SANTINT showed our company's strength. SANTINT innovative technology such as 100% recirculation, P6 pump, Hummingbird ( 1/2000Y dispensing) and Android box tinting also attracted the industry’s attention.


We were glad to welcome many visitors to our booths. Better still, they confirmed their desire to work more closely together with Santint. It proves we are on the right track to establish ourselves as a leading supplier worldwide. 



In the future, SANTINT will gradually go through every corner of the world and make every one there know and trust Chinese high-tech enterprise like SANTINT.

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