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Established on 1998, Santint has become one of the major suppliers of mixing and tinting equipment for the auto refinish and decorative paints.



We are dedicated to creating value for our customers through innovation. With the largest R&D crew in this industry we have obtained 85 patents, such as:
100% recirculation → Zero drying out
P6 Piston Pump  →  High speed dispensing
Mixer Clamping Technology →  100% fail proof clamping
Box Tinting →  Dispense software in the Cloud. Efficient, Cost effective, Easy




Over the past 2 decades, leading paint producers choose and trust Santint’s products and services. The network in Europe is constantly expanding. With the office and warehouse locations in Poland, The Netherlands supporting the sales and service partners we provide timely and efficient service to all potential and existing clients.


Today and in the future, Santint will closely cooperate with its clients to face the challenges ahead.